Astrid de Jager

Hi, I’m Astrid, the co-owner of Technical Diving Services In a former life, I used to be a musicologist, writer, and editor. I took a short break to become a divemaster on Bonaire, and totally fell in love with the island and the underwater world. So shortly after I became a PADI instructor, and after gaining some teaching experience down under and above, I became an IAHD instructor and a SDI Instructor Trainer. But you’ll find I enjoy a Discover Scuba Dive just as much as training new professionals.

Sven van Everdink

My name is Sven and I’m PADI and TDI Instructor. Most of the time I teach in the dark and cold waters of the Netherlands, in which I love to dive. I consider it a challenge for my students and myself to train in these conditions and I believe people can become a better diver this way.

Although I fell in love with the Dutch waters, Bonaire is my second home. I have lived in this beautiful island for three years, working fulltime as a diving instructor. So it’s no surprise that once in a while I drop by on this amazing place. When I’m on Bonaire there is a good change you’ll find me at TDS helping out however I can. From teaching technical diving to bringing you a cup of coffee.

Eelco Moolenburgh
eelcoHi, I’m Eelco. I was born on Curacao, but spend most of my lifetime in The Netherlands, working first for the fire brigade and later for an insurance company. Although I don’t literally work for TDS, you’ll often find me hanging out and practicing my coffee making skills. On top of that I recently finished my SDI Assistant Instructor internship.

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