SDI/TDI Side Mount Diver

What makes the new SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver program better?  It’s Complete Feature: The new SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver program is far more than just another “how to” book on sidemount diving. It’s a complete, comprehensive set of training materials designed to work together to make learning  sidemount diving easy. These materials …

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We are proud to offer the only ISO certified and insured VIP course (general awareness, maintenance, valve repair and function specific safety as it relates to filling and inspecting HP cylinders) on Bonaire. Customers, Dive Operators and fire department on Bonaire can now have  ITI/ CTS Visual Inspected their cylinders …

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Dive Rite O2ptima Rebreather

Astrid and Chris completed the O2ptima Service Clinic at Dive Rite HQ in Lake City this month. If your Dive Rite O2ptima Rebreather needs service or you need help regarding your unit , your more than welcome at Technical Diving Services. We are CCR FRIENDLY.