Your scuba gear keeps you alive underwater. Treat it well and have it serviced only by someone you trust.

At Technical Diving Services we work with the best technicians and materials, working under the direct supervision of Chris Verstappen. Do you have a problem with your regulator or bcd? Contact us and for a quick check and price quote. Would you like us to do your annual service? Make sure you contact us in advance. In some cases you might need to bring your own service kits.

Scuba Annual Service will include a complete disassembly, sonic cleaning of all metal parts, replacing or inspecting and cleaning of all internal components, lubing, and re-assembling the regulators, 1st and 2nd stage and your octopus (octo inflators at additional charge).

We will also check, lube and replace your hp gauge o-rings and spool and we inspect/replace the o-ring from your inflator.

All batteries will be replaced if necessary with the exception of none user replaceable batteries.

Then your regulator will be cycled multiple times to assure proper seating of the internal components. After the break in, it will be fine tuned and adjusted to specs on our flow bench.

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And much more !!!!

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